Do you have a public API?

Yes we do! The API is still in BETA so bear that in mind when integrating it into your workflow.

You will only be able to get started with API integration if you have permission to manage API Apps, review our guide for more information on the different roles and permissions.

If you do have permission, you will see an "API Apps" link in the side menu of the Teams section within our Platform.

When you click into API Apps, you will be first presented with a form to create a new app. Give it a name so you can identify it if you need to create multiple API integrations. You can then also specify the permissions this API App will have.

Click "Save App" and a table will appear with your API App and the API Key. You can click into the box and the whole key should be highlighted for you, allowing you to easily copy. If your API Key becomes comprimised, you can easily generate a new key by pressing the refresh button next to the API Key.

If you need to change the permissions your API Key has, click the Manage button, make your changes and press save!

To get started with the actual API integration, visit our API documentation at You can also download a Postman collection (V2.1) of all the available endpoints from to help get started.

You also read more on the API announcement blog post.

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