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ServerAuth public API now available!

Posted by Mike on August 2nd, 2022
Introducing the ServerAuth API

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ServerAuth public API!

With this API you can connect ServerAuth to your servers via our advanced integration and also manage the server users and access to those users. The ability to enable server monitoring or manage your cron jobs and firewall will come later and the order of availability will likely depend on the feedback from you! So if there's a certain bit of ServerAuth functionality you want to control via the API, please let us know!

To get started with the API, you will first need permission to access the API apps section within Team management in the ServerAuth Platform. Anyone with Admin or Manager permission should have been permitted to access that area. Feel free to head into the roles section to customise that permission to your needs!

In there you can create a new App to use on our API, give it a friendly name and set the desired permissions and upon saving you will be given an API key.

Head to to view the API documentation and learn how to integrate with our API.

We currently don't have any SDKs available but hopefully with the API documentation, integrating our API into your server creation workflow should be a breeze. We may look to create official SDKs for certain languages depending on the feedback we receive.

Using the new API you'll be able to automatically add your servers to ServerAuth on creation. This can be achieved through platforms like Ansible, Chef, or plain old 'userdata' setup scripts, like those offered by AWS EC2.

Let us know if you have any feedback or thoughts and happy developing!

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