About Us

Find out a little more about the ServerAuth app and the team behind it!

  • Planning starts on the next big evolution of ServerAuth!

  • With the introduction of user groups and server tags to help group and filter your team and your servers. We also introduced access templates which when defined, apply automatically to any new servers added to a tag or any new user added to a group!

  • Our next big feature and agent update launches! With the agent managing your the SSH keys on your server, it can also now monitor your servers vital signs!

  • Feedback in hand, we launched our first new feature. Automated time based access for your servers and introduced our first paid plans with our first paying customers a few weeks later!

  • ServerAuth Launches!

    Aug 2019

    After a few months development, ServerAuth launches for free, giving you the ability to easily manage your servers SSH Access!

Our team

We are a small team with years of experience and a will to make servers and ssh access easier to manage!

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