What are Templates

Templates are an easy way to automate granting server access. This means you can get new team members and servers up and running much quicker!

Groups and Tags

To use a Template, you will first need to create some server tags and user groups. You can do this via the "Team" section if you are an Admin or a Manager.

Using the submenu on the left, you can then navigate into the Server Tags and the User Groups management screens to create and delete items.

Once you have created Server Tags, you will now have the option of selecting which tags apply to a server when creating it and also when editing it. You can use this to group all your "Production" servers together for example.

Similarly, when inviting a user to your team, you can set which user groups will apply to that user. Alternatively, you can also edit an existing user and add that user to a group. For example, you may have a group for "Devs" or "Devops".

Creating the template

Once you have your groups and tags created, you can start to create a template. Simply select the Server Tag it should be performed on and then the User Group it should apply to.

You will then need to define a comma separated list of the server users the access schedule will apply to, much like when creating a new server.

Lastly, simply select the access schedule you want to apply to the template. This should be familiar if you have already granted access to your servers.

How it works

With your servers setup and a template created, if you invite a new user to your team and select to add them to a group, when they accept the invite our template processor will run.

After they have accepted the invite, our processor checks for any templates that match their groups. It then automatically grants them access to any servers within the Server Tag that was assigned to the template based on the selected access schedule.

The processor will also run when you add an existing user to a new group.

Similarly, when creating a new server, if you apply a tag to it the template processor will run. In this instance it will automatically add every user within the assigned User Group to the newly created server.

As with existing users, for existing servers you can edit it to apply a new tag and any templates will be processed.

Removing access

PLEASE NOTE As changes could be made to a server after a template has run, we are unable to run templates in reverse to remove access.

This means, removing a tag from a server will not remove any users given access through that tag. Nor will removing a user from a group affect any existing access.

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