Server Management

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Fast and easy server management, with web-based tools for cron jobs, firewall rules, websites, automatic server security updates and more.

Server Management

When it comes to managing servers, most organizations rely on expensive server management providers or pay for fully managed hosting. ServerAuth's Server Management system provides you with the tools needed to manage servers, without having to get someone else to do it for you.

Manage cron jobs

The easy-to-use web interface provides you with the ability to add, edit and remove cron jobs. Set which user you want your job to run as, what command you want to execute, and how often, all from your control panel.

Automatic server security patches

Did you know that your servers require security updates to be applied regularly?

With ServerAuth, you no longer need to worry about doing this manually. Our in-build patching system will frequently update your server, patching known security vulnerabilities not just in the operating system, but on any packages, you install such as Nginx, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Flexible firewall rules

Take advantage of our simple point and click functionality to manage your firewall. From banning individual IP addresses to restricting access to certain ports. This is ideal for locking down your server and allows you to add and remove any firewall rules you need with ease.

More features...

Server Monitoring
Available Now!
Keep track of your server performance with a range of metrics such as system load and memory usage.
Website Management
Coming Soon
Set up and manage your websites on your servers, with features such as site isolation, PHP version switching and database management.
Manage Deploy Keys
Available Now!
Store deploy keys for your applications and control which servers they are permitted to deploy to.
Easy one command setup
Setting up your new or existing server couldn't be simpler. Run our one-click installer and we'll take care of the rest.
System User Management
Add system users and manage their access restrictions. This also integrates into our SSH Access Management.
Website Deployment
Integrates with major git version control services to deploy your website updates automatically.

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