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Fast and easy, web-based server management
Server Management by ServerAuth
Easy 3-Step Server Setup Process

Painless Configuration

ServerAuth's Server Management system provides an easy 3-step wizard that guides you through all the configuration needed to get ServerAuth connected to your server!

Already been using our agent to sync your SSH Access? No problem! Our Server Management system provides an simply upgrade process to convert your server from our Basic integration to our new Advanced Integration.

Use your existing servers with ServerAuth

Use with Existing Servers

Many Server Management platforms require you to give them access to your hosting provider, this is so they can configure the server to their standards. It also means if you have an existing server you cannot integrate with them and must recreate your server from scratch!

Unlike these other Server Management platforms, ServerAuth is flexible and can be integrated after you have created your server while still providing all the tools needed to manage your server.

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Available Features

Make server management a cinch

Cron Job Management

Cron Jobs

Manage all the Cron Jobs on your server with ease from our web interface. One of the hardest things with Cron Jobs is remembering the syntax for the cron expression. Our easy to use panel provides a simple drop down for common options with the ability to also define a custom expression.

The straightforward page makes managing the Cron Jobs on your server effortless!

Server Firewall Management

Firewall & IP Blocking

A convenient web interface for managing firewall rules across your servers.

Protecting your servers is vital, and a firewall goes a long way to ensuring no bad actors can access services. The Firewall Manager allows you to open ports to services, restrict SSH to your office and team member IP addresses, as well as block attackers from a central location.

You can even control which of your team members has access to manage the firewall.

Server Log Viewer

Server Log Viewer

Often you'll need to look through log files to figure out whats happening on your server. Be it an Nginx/Apache log, Redis, PHP, SSH or any other service, ServerAuth has you covered.

Our easy-to-use web interface provides a live view of any log files on your system with options to download the file, and a quick action menu where you can pick from the most common system logs.

The log viewer requires no special software or custom packages to be installed on your server, and like our other tools, provides a secure way of managing your critical infrastructure.

Filter server monitoring dates

Server Monitoring

Keeping track of how healthy your servers are is a key part of maintaining your infrastructure, and being able to get a heads up on any potential bottlenecks or problems can ensure you don't experience any unexpected performance issues.

The ServerAuth Server Monitoring service helps you keep an eye on key performance metrics such as memory and system load, with the ability to visualize performance with a range of helpful graphs. Graphs that can be filtered to show up to 14 days worth of historical data to help track down repeating issues or spikes in server usage.

Manage Supervisor Daemons with ServerAuth

Supervisor Daemon Management

When building web applications or websites there's often a number of background processes to manage. From sending emails to scheduling regular tasks.

ServerAuth's integration into Supervisor makes this easy to manage, with a complete web based GUI to manage your server daemons.

MySQL Database Management

MySQL Database Management

Our MySQL database management feature allows for easy 1-click-installation and management of MySQL on Linux-based servers. Create and manage databases and users all from the convenience of our web interface.

In addition to managing databases and users, our database management feature also allows you to manage remote MySQL user access.


Server Provider Integration

Now you can create, manage and maintain your server without ever leaving the ServerAuth control panel!

After creating an API key for ServerAuth, we can then create server instances on your behalf and automatically connect our Server Management platform as soon as your server is available.

Our updated installation screen will also keep you updated every step of the creation / configuration process.

More Features

Other available or coming soon features!

API based provisioning

Provision servers with ServerAuth automatically using our intuitive API, and integrate directly with server provisioning tools such as Ansible, Chef, Terraform and Puppet.

Website Management

Coming Soon

Installing Nginx and a range of PHP versions has never been simpler. Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly create new sites and domains, and manage them with minimal effort.

1-click package installers

Coming Soon

Set up and configure a range of popular services such as Nginx, Apache, PHP, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many, many more with our easy to use 1-click-installers.

Server Management & Security doesn't have to be a full time job.

ServerAuth provides a whole host of management tools, from controlling who can access your server, to adding cron jobs, securing your servers and installing packages. And with an ever growing suite of tools you'll always be one step ahead!

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