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Fast and easy, web-based server management
Server Management by ServerAuth
Easy 3-Step Server Setup Process


Painless Configuration

ServerAuth's Server Management system provides an easy 3-step wizard that guides you through all the configuration needed to get ServerAuth connected to your server!

If you're using one of our supported Cloud Hosting Partners setup is even quicker with automated provisioning and configuration of instances from DigitalOcean, Hetzner Akami/Linode and Vultr.

Use your existing servers with ServerAuth

Scalable Infrastructure

Seamless Server Management

ServerAuth offers a comprehensive array of server management features, making infrastructure management a seamless experience.

Whether you're overseeing a small cluster of 5 servers or a substantial network of 500, our user-friendly interface simplifies tasks like SSH access management and website deployment, ensuring efficient and effortless server management.

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Server Management Features

A whole host of tools to help make server management a breeze!

Firewall Management

Securing your servers is crucial, and a firewall is key to preventing unauthorized access.

With Firewall Manager, you can manage port access, limit SSH to your office and team IPs, and centrally block attackers.

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Cron Jobs

Easily manage server Cron Jobs with our user-friendly web interface, eliminating the need to remember complex cron expression syntax.

Our intuitive panel offers both common options and custom expression creation.

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Server Log Viewer

Real-time access to system logs with download options and quick access to common logs.

ServerAuth simplifies log file management for various server services, including Nginx, Apache, Redis, PHP, SSH, and more.

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Server Monitoring

Monitor your servers' health with ease, tracking essential metrics like memory and system load.

Visualize data through customizable graphs spanning up to 14 days, ensuring you catch bottlenecks or issues early for smooth performance.

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Supervisor Daemons

Automate and manage server processes efficiently with Supervisor, integrated into your ServerAuth control panel for streamlined daemon management.

Ensure the smooth operation of your web applications and websites by effectively handling background tasks and processes.

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MySQL Databases

Simplify MySQL database management on Linux-based servers with our 1-click installation and user-friendly interface.

Easily create, manage databases, users, and even control remote MySQL access, all within our web interface.

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Server Provider Integration

Automated configuration of new servers from DigitalOcean, Linode (now Akamai), Hetzner, and more, or use your own server with ServerAuth to simplify server management.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of choosing the best server solution for your needs.

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Website Management

Deploy and manage websites and applications seamlessly across your servers, utilizing a variety of configuration options.

Benefit from our support for popular systems like WordPress, Laravel, and more, ensuring smooth project operation.

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SSH Access Management

Refine your SSH access control with advanced features such as access scheduling, team-based restrictions, and deployment keys.

These powerful tools provide you with precise control over server access, ensuring both security and flexibility for your team's needs.

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Compatible with any server provider, with direct integration to:

Digitalocean Vultr Akamai (formerly Linode) Hetzner Cloud

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