Server Management for Freelancers

Keeping your clients happy, and spending less time on server management.
Server Management for Web Agencies

Bring new revenue streams to your freelance business

For freelance developers, the decision to offer hosting services to clients holds immense potential. Beyond the obvious financial gains, it's a strategic move that fosters stronger client relationships and positions you as their go-to source for all web development needs.

Furthermore, extending hosting services ensures that your clients' websites remain consistently operational, with essential security patches and updates seamlessly applied. This is where ServerAuth shines, simplifying the process and negating the need for extensive server expertise to maintain a secure and reliable online presence.

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Website Deployment by ServerAuth

Site Management

Website Deployment

Deploy and manage websites and applications seamlessly across your servers, utilizing a variety of configuration options.

Benefit from our support for popular systems like WordPress, Laravel, and more, ensuring smooth project operation.

ServerAuth automatically configures your servers to support a range of PHP versions, with MySQL Databases, Cron Jobs, Supervisor Daemons and more.

Server Monitoring by ServerAuth

Server Health

Monitor your server resources

Keep track of what's going on with your servers with Server Monitoring.

Track key metrics such as CPU load, memory consumption, and disk space usage, as well as view historical performance data for the last 14 days.

Cron Job Management

Scheduled Tasks

Manage Cron Jobs

Manage all the Cron Jobs on your server with ease from our web interface. One of the hardest things with Cron Jobs is remembering the syntax for the cron expression. Our easy-to-use panel provides a simple drop-down for common options with the ability to also define a custom expression.

The straightforward interface makes managing the Cron Jobs on your server effortless!

Scheduled SSH Access Control

Team Management

Manage contractor server access

Control which contractors can access client servers, and when.

With scheduled access controls, you can ensure your dev team are only granted SSH access to the servers they need access to, and only during business hours.

Working with a freelancer? Allow access between specific date periods for the project they're working on at the click of a button.

MySQL Database Management

Database Management

Manage your MySQL Databases

Our MySQL database management feature allows for easy 1-click-installation and management of MySQL on Linux-based servers. Create and manage databases and users all from the convenience of our web interface.

In addition to managing databases and users, our database management feature also allows you to manage remote MySQL user access.

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Compatible with any server provider, with direct integration to:

Digitalocean Vultr Akamai (formerly Linode) Hetzner Cloud

Server Management & Security doesn't have to be a full time job.

ServerAuth provides a whole host of management tools, from controlling who can access your server, to managing your website deployments. And with an ever-growing suite of tools you'll always be one step ahead!

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