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Server Monitoring by ServerAuth
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Server Monitoring

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Keeping track of how healthy your servers are is a key part of maintaining your infrastructure, and being able to get a heads up on any potential bottlenecks or problems can ensure you don't experience any unexpected performance issues.

The ServerAuth Server Monitoring service helps you keep an eye on key performance metrics such as memory and system load, with the ability to visualize performance with a range of helpful graphs. Graphs that can be filtered to show up to 14 days worth of historical data to help track down repeating issues or spikes in server usage.

One-Click Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Effortless Server Integration

When you use ServerAuth you'll already have our open-source agent running on your server to Manage SSH Access. This same agent is already able to handle server monitoring with no extra setup work or management needed.

Getting started with Server Monitoring is as simple as activating it at the click of a button inside your ServerAuth account.

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14 Day Retention Period

Scan through two weeks of metrics for each logged statistic, giving ample time to view performance trends.

Disk Inodes Usage

Graphs for monitoring total inode usage to help avoid any potential a 'disk-full' type situation.

Monitor Total Uptime

Quickly see your total uptime, letting you know if there has been an unexpected power outage or reboot.

One-click setup

Our open-source server agent comes bundled with support for server monitoring. Simply enable it with a click!

Near real-time statistics

Metrics are sent from your server when your ServerAuth agent runs, with an average delay of 1-5 minutes.

Team-wide access

Allow your entire team to keep an eye on performance metrics right from their own ServerAuth account.

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