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Website Deployment

Streamlined Site Deployment from Code Repositories

Simplify your website deployment process. By connecting your account, you can automate and expedite deployments directly from your code repositories. Just link to your preferred Git repository provider, choose the specific codebase, and initiate deployment with ease.

This seamless integration eliminates the need for manual setup or complex procedures, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your websites and applications. Experience the convenience of automated site deployment, making your web management tasks more efficient.

Wordpress Deployment on ServerAuth

Wordpress Support

1-Step WordPress Installation

Deploying your WordPress site has never been easier, thanks to our integrated one-step website deployment and management tools. You can skip the complexities of manual setup. Simply provide your site details, choose your preferences, and within seconds, your new WordPress site will be up and running.

Our system automatically handles crucial steps, including installing the required PHP version, setting up MySQL, and creating the necessary MySQL database. Say goodbye to the hassle of technical configurations and dive right into managing your WordPress content.

Cron Job Management

Server Management

Cron Job Management

Manage all the Cron Jobs for your site with ease from our web interface. One of the hardest things with Cron Jobs is remembering the syntax for the cron expression. Our easy to use panel provides a simple drop down for common options with the ability to also define a custom expression.

The straightforward page makes managing the Cron Jobs on your server effortless!

Manage Supervisor Daemons with ServerAuth

Server Management

Supervisor Daemon Management

When building web applications or websites there's often a number of background processes to manage. From sending emails to scheduling regular tasks.

ServerAuth's integration into Supervisor makes this easy to manage, with a complete web based GUI to manage your server daemons.

MySQL Database Management

Database Administration

MySQL Database Management

Our MySQL database management feature allows for easy 1-click-installation and management of MySQL on Linux-based servers. Create and manage databases and users all from the convenience of our web interface.

In addition to managing databases and users, our database management feature also allows you to manage remote MySQL user access.

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Easy 1-click deployment of Laravel, CraftCMS, Statamic, Symfony & More.

Setting up your applications and sites from a repository has never been easier, with full support for all major PHP frameworks and applications.

Laravel Statamic CraftCMS Woo Commerce WordPress Symfony

Website Management Features

Temporary Domains

Still working on your site? ServerAuth allows you to make use of free temporary domains, complete with SSL support. ideal for the staging and development process.

Multiple PHP Versions

Use different PHP versions across your sites, with support for all major versions. Simply select the version your site needs and the change take immediate effect.

MySQL Database Management

Automated setup of MySQL, along with an easy to use web-based interface to manage your databases and users.

Website Cron Jobs

Use our handy Cron Job builder to schedule queues and other tasks for each of your websites. You'll never need to figure out what */5 */2 * * means again!

Supervisor Daemons

Using Laravel or another popular framework? Our build in Supervisor manager lets you configure your daemons for queues at the click of a button.

SSL Encryption

Using both your own domain or one of our temporary domains, your sites will be fully SSL compliant with our built in Lets Encrypt configuration.

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Compatible with any server provider, with direct integration to:

Digitalocean Vultr Akamai (formerly Linode) Hetzner Cloud

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