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1-Click Wordpress Hosting

The fastest way to host WordPress

WordPress is by far one of the most popular CMS systems available, and it's widespread popularity, legendary plugin library and fantastic community are all reasons why we've spent so long ensuring WordPress hosting with ServerAuth is a breeze!

Adding a WordPress site to your servers is incredibly easy, simply provide the site name, hit create and your site will be configured and ready to use!

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Built for WordPress Developers

Everything you need to host your clients WordPress sites.

Isolated Sites

ServerAuth isolates all sites to a system user. This helps increase the security of your WordPress sites by preventing interaction between sites should one become compromised.

Full Deployment Support

Deploy updates from your Git repository, with a fully customisable deploy script, as well as full access to the WordPress CLI for those advanced or specialist usecases.

Wordpress Staging Sites

Using our free temporary domain service, you can set up your WordPress sites on your servers and keep them in a staging condition until you're ready to go live, ideal for showing off the website to your clients during development.

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Compatible with any server provider, with direct integration to:

Digitalocean Vultr Akamai (formerly Linode) Hetzner Cloud

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