Server SSH Access Management

Full control over who can access your server, and when...
Add SSH Keys
User Management

Individual access controls for each member of your team

Invite your team members to your ServerAuth account, where they can provide and manage their own SSH Key(s).

As a manager, you can then decide which servers (and by extension, which server users) each team member can access, and when, with extended options to create user groups and restrict access to specific server features and functionality.

Scheduled SSH Access Control
Scheduled SSH Access

Control who can log into your servers, and when

In addition to granting individual server account access, ServerAuth allows you to schedule who can log in to each server account and when.

With options to limit access by day of the week, between certain hours, or even for a specified date range, this flexibility means that at no point can anyone who doesn't have permission access your servers.

Server Integrations

Choose between basic and advanced integrations!


Our basic integration is our privacy-first option. When set up, our open-source agent is installed on your server and calls to our API to get the SSH keys for the server. Our platform and database know nothing about your server!


Our advanced integration is our more feature-rich option. We ask for more information about your server, but this allows us to connect to your server via our secure systems to enable Server Management functionality.

Server Access Templates
Scheduled SSH Access

Server access automation templates

Automation templates give you an easy way to grant access to new servers or team members. Simply define a server tag and an user groups, then select them when creating the template.

Any users within the selected user group will be given access to a new server created with the selected tag. Alternatively, any new users assigned to the selected user group will be given access to all existing servers with that server tag!

More Features...

Included with every server you setup

Simple Server Setup

2FA Platform Security

Unlimited Server Users

Unlimited SSH Keys

Unlimited Deploy Keys

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