SSH Access Management

Control who can access your servers, and when
with personal SSH keys, scheduled access and deploy keys.

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SSH Access Management

As a team with a number of servers to manage, you often need to be able to access them to install software, deploy projects, and perform updates to client's websites.

This often means that your whole team's SSH keys are authorized to access all of your servers all the time. Or even worse, you share a password around the office!

ServerAuth's easy to use SSH Access Management feature allows your team to individually manage their SSH keys, which are then automatically synced across just the servers (and server accounts) that you give them access to.

Great for remote teams and contractors.

The ability to restrict access means that you don't have to spend large amounts of time adding and removing people's access to servers, or worrying about that random ssh key you can't identify on one of your servers.

Fully scheduled SSH access.

In addition to granting individual server account access, ServerAuth allows you to schedule who can log in to each server account and when.

With options to limit access by day of the week, between certain hours, or even for a specified date range, this flexibility means that at no point can anyone who doesn't have permission access your servers.

No server access or data exposed.

One of the key features of ServerAuth is that we do not have any form of access to your servers. In fact, we don't even know your servers ip address.

This is achieved by our open-source server agent, which means your server makes regular calls to our cloud-based API to update it's ssh key lists.

And because of how we've engineered the platform, it means we don't store any identifiable logs, meaning there's no viable way for an attack vector to exist by using ServerAuth!

More features...

Server Monitoring
Keep track of your server performance with a range of metrics such as system load and memory usage.
Unlimited Team Members
Invite your whole team to ServerAuth and then allow them to manage their own SSH keys.
Manage Deploy Keys
Store deploy keys for your applications and control which servers they are permitted to deploy to.
Easy one command setup
Our quick installer will handle configuring our open-source agent on your servers in just 2 minutes.
Multiple OS Support
Fully supported on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, Amazon Linux, and more.
Two-Factor Security
Full two-factor support for your entire team, with admins able to monitor who has enabled it.

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