ServerAuth Integrations

ServerAuth now provides two different forms of integration for your server, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

Basic Integration

Our basic integration provides just our SSH key syncing and server monitoring services. The benefits to this integration are that ServerAuth does not need to know any information about your server other than it's Operating System so we can install the correct agent version.

You will be required to install our agent on your server but this is open source, meaning you can see all the code that runs it. You can see more about how the agent works here.

It's worth noting that due to the agent not having the ability to run tasks (as ServerAuth has no direct communication with it by design) the Basic Integration servers won't benefit from future Server Management related features.

If you create, or have an existing server that uses Basic Integration it is possible to upgrade to the Advanced Integration from your ServerAuth account.

Advanced Integration

Our advanced integration is our feature-rich option. As well as the SSH key syncing and server monitoring services, our advanced integration introduces a whole host of Server Management features.

We do however require more information about your server such as the IP address and a method for our systems to connect into your server. You can read about the steps we take to keep your account and server secure here.

Servers that are set up on our Advanced Integration benefit from new Server Management featured being periodically added.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Basic Advanced
Requires Server IP
SSH Key Syncing
Deploy Key Syncing
Server Monitoring
Cron Jobs
Future Server Management Features
Server Management & SSH Security Software
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