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Supervisor Daemon Management - Now Available

Posted by Rick on October 2nd, 2022
Manage Supervisor Daemons with ServerAuth

Continuing our rollout of Server Management features, we're thrilled to be launching the next major feature - Supervisor Management.

What is Supervisor?

If you've ever used Laravel Horizon or Symfony's Messenger service you've probably come across Supervisor before.

Supervisor is a system-level process manager that allows you to create 'workers' which keep a task running on your server. In the case of Laravel Horizon, it keeps a copy of the daemon operating so that when a job is added to the queue it's able to quickly and autonomously process the task.

This is especially useful for larger business applications, but even something as simple as a contact form on your website can make use of a Supervisor daemon to process the sending of an email in the background instead of making your website visitor wait for the page to do it.

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Managing Supervisor manually can be a pain. With complex configuration files to manage it's very easy to get it wrong and bring the whole service down. Thankfully ServerAuth now offers an easy-to-use interface to set up new Supervisor daemons, and individually manage them.

From your ServerAuth control panel, you can install Supervisor, and then create new daemons, as well as view their logs, and individually control their run state. This requires no manual server configuration or editing of complicated configuration files.

This new feature continues our progress of building out our range of Server Management features and we're already hard at work on the next update. You can keep track of the latest upcoming releases on our Roadmap. Don't forget to also follow us over on Twitter where you'll find sneak peeks of what we're working on!

Server Management & Security doesn't have to be a full time job.

ServerAuth provides a whole host of management tools, from controlling who can access your server, to managing your website deployments. And with an ever-growing suite of tools you'll always be one step ahead!

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