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Platform Updates - Two Factor Authentication + Server Details

Posted by Mike on October 6th, 2020
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We recently realised we never actually announced some platform updates we pushed live (apart from a single tweet), one of which will be important for some teams!

Two Factor Authentication

Given our mission is to make managing your servers security and access easier, adding two factor authentication was something that has been long overdue but we are pleased to finally officially announce that we have added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to our platform meaning you can further enhance your account security.

For those familiar with 2FA, you'll find the setup flow extremely familiar. You can set it up by visiting your avatar icon in the top right of the ServerAuth platform and clicking into "Your Profile". At the bottom of the page you will find the button to enable 2FA, clicking this will give you the standard QR code for you to scan into your app. Once scanned, enter one of the codes it generates into the box next to the QR code to verify setup.

2FA QR Code and code verification box

Once verified, you'll be presented with a box containing your recovery codes, make a backup of these as they won't be shown again! All pretty standard stuff if you've used 2FA before on other websites / platforms!

For the users with "Admin" or "Manager" role levels, you will also be able to see which of your team members actually has 2FA enabled on their account and give them a nudge if they haven't got it set!

Team listing showing 2FA status

Server Editing

The second feature that we released is something that really should have been in from the beginning. With the nature of creating a Minimum Viable Product however, certain things get pushed back if they get deemed "non critical". One of those features in our case was the ability to change the name of a server once you had created it!

So finally, we're pleased to say you can now edit these and while we were at it, we added a notes field to your server. The notes textarea supports markdown so you can use that to format the notes.

Animated GIF showing editing server details

We're already using this field to make notes on things like which regions and accounts our servers are in and which ones we have setup as "ssh tunnels" for database access. You can of course use it as you wish!

The Future

The ability to edit server details is actually a small update ready for some big additions which are currently in the planning stages. Stay tuned for more information on these!

Unrelated to those changes, we do have a new feature coming in the next few weeks that we're currently dog fooding so stay tuned for an update from Rick on those!

While we do have a rough internal roadmap, we are always happy to hear from you all so please let us know if you have any thoughts / suggestions / comments!

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