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Introducing our new look and new Server Management features!

Posted by Mike on March 8th, 2022
ServerAuth introduces Server management

We're over the moon to finally be able to bring you the new look ServerAuth, with this new look we have also given our platform a new lick of paint to match the new website. Apart from the new functionality (more on this below), everything else within the platform should be in the same place.

We feel this has been a much-needed refresh to give our website and platform a new lease of life to help push the new features (and a whole host of features still to come)!

Server Management Now Available

We're also pleased to be able to finally release our new Server Management system into the wild. When adding a server to your account, you will now be presented with the option to choose between our Basic Integration (this uses our agent and is the way many of you will have integrated with ServerAuth currently), or our new Advanced Integration.

Our Advanced integration no longer uses the agent and requires slightly more information about your server than we previously requested to get connected. However, our Advanced integration will let you easily manage your server from the click of a button without ever having to use a grep command, apt-get, or vim!

The first set of features this Advanced integration has allowed us to do is, the ability to manage the Cron Jobs on your server. You can easily specify the command, the user it runs as, and also the frequency at which it runs, and our system will take care of the rest.

Initially, Cron Job management is the main new addition visually, however, the new architecture of our platform means we'll be rapidly rolling out some awesome new Server Management functionality in the coming weeks and months.

We've also created a migration flow to allow servers with the Basic Integration to be easily switched to the Advanced Integration, with all existing functionality working as before. This means you can continue to manage your SSH / Deploy Keys and monitoring.

While the ability to manage your servers Cron Jobs is a relatively small feature and not one that everyone will find useful, it is simply a stepping stone for us. This new Advanced integration opens many doors for us and will allow us to roll new features out to you with ease.

New Pricing

With this release, we have also updated our pricing and added some more pricing plans. Teams already using ServerAuth will get the new Advanced integration at no extra cost to their current plan and all their limits will stay the same.

Our new pricing starts with the "Small plan" and is available at $9 per month. This plan, however, is subjected to a 5 server limit.

Next, we have the "Medium plan" for teams with up to 50 servers which is priced at $29 per month. Teams on the Medium plan will also get priority access to any new features added to ServerAuth.

Lastly, we have the "Unlimited plan", as the name states this plan has no limit on the number of servers you can create and is priced at $49 per month. It also comes with priority access to new features, the same as the Medium plan, but it also comes with priority support if that team runs into any issues using ServerAuth!

Take a look at our new Pricing Page for the full details.

We're just getting started!

We'll be shipping some more server management functionality over the next few months so stay tuned for more updates and announcements soon! As always follow us over on Twitter to get the latest updates and a few sneak peeks of what we're working on.

Server Management & Security doesn't have to be a full time job.

ServerAuth provides a whole host of management tools, from controlling who can access your server, to managing your website deployments. And with an ever-growing suite of tools you'll always be one step ahead!

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