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Application Management & Deployments - Now Available

Posted by Mike on January 17th, 2024
Application Management & Deployments - Now Available

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new Application Management & Deployments feature to all ServerAuth customers.

Application Management

Building upon the previous new feature of website management, you can now easily link your GitHub account to ServerAuth and deploy your application straight to the website you have created on your server. Simply enter the repository name and our system will gather the list of branches on your repository, allowing you to decide which branch of code should be deployed!

Currently GitHub is the only supported Version Control System (VCS). We will be supporting other VCS soon!

To get started with Application Management, head to the Team section and click to VCS Providers. Click the GitHub logo to get started with linking your GitHub account to ServerAuth.


In addition to Application Management and the initial install, there is also a handy "Deploy Now" button within the Site Overview and Application pages. This will allow you to grab the latest code on your deployed branch.

Visit the Application page where you previously installed the application to see and modify the deployment script that is run.

Plus, if you are an admin, you will have the option to enable Auto deployments! If selected, ServerAuth will create a Webhook on your repository. GitHub will then notify ServerAuth everytime you push code to your repository. If we detect changes to your deployed branch, our systems will deploy the latest code for you!

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