Server Management & SSH Access Control

Secure your servers with our team-based management system. Control your firewall, manage SSH access, view log files, monitor server resources and more!

Server Management by ServerAuth
Scheduled SSH Access Control
Scheduled SSH Access

Control who can access your servers, and when

With Scheduled SSH Access controls you can choose when your team, contractors and clients can access your servers via SSH.

  • Limit access to working hours, specific days of the week or time periods.
  • Control which system user accounts your team can log into
  • Require SSH Key based access for enhanced security
Cron Job Management
Server Management

Create, view and manage cronjobs across all of your servers

As part of our suite of Server Management tools you can create and manage cron jobs for all your server users managed by ServerAuth.

With instant deployment and a convenient cron job GUI to make management as easy as possible.

Server Firewall Management
Server Security

Secure your servers access, with Firewall Management

A convenient web interface for managing firewall rules across your servers.

Protecting your servers is vital, and a firewall goes a long way to ensuring no bad actors can access services. The Firewall Manager allows you to open ports to services, restrict SSH to your office and team member IP addresses, as well as block attackers from a central location.

You can even control which of your team members has access to manage the firewall.

Server Log Viewer
Server Management

View and download Server Logs

Often you'll need to look through log files to figure out whats happening on your server. Be it an Nginx/Apache log, Redis, PHP, SSH or any other service, ServerAuth has you covered.

Our easy-to-use web interface provides a live view of any log files on your system with options to download the file, and a quick action menu where you can pick from the most common system logs.

The log viewer requires no special software or custom packages to be installed on your server, and like our other tools, provides a secure way of managing your critical infrastructure.

MySQL Database Management
Server Management

Manage your MySQL Server

Our MySQL database management feature allows for easy 1-click-installation and management of MySQL on Linux-based servers. Create and manage databases and users all from the convenience of our web interface.

In addition to managing databases and users, our database management feature also allows you to manage remote MySQL user access.

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Key Features
Cron Job  Manager

Cron Job Manager

Manage your cron job schedule through an easy to use web control panel, with options to set the user, frequency, command and logging options.
SSH Access Control

SSH Access Control

Individually control who can access your servers by SSH, and when. Our advanced scheduling system allows you to restrict access to specific days, or even work hours!
Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Keep track of important server metrics such as disk and memory usage, server load and more. With 30 days of data to make following performance trends a piece of cake.
Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a range of pricing plans for different sized organisations. Depending on which plan you may have different limitations on the number of servers and/or team members.

Check out our pricing page to find the plan that best suits your needs.

Yes, We only store your public keys. Public keys alone can not provide someone with access to your servers. We've written more about it and provided links to other sources, in our help docs.

Our advanced integration, which provides server management features, supports the latest and LTS versions of Ubuntu (18+) and Debian (9+). Support for additional operating systems will be added in the future.

Our basic integration, which provides just SSH access management and server monitoring supports Ubuntu 18+, Debian 9+, CentOS 6+ and Fedora 10+.

If you are using a variant of one of the above supported operating systems (e.g Rocky Linux) then you'll likely still be able to use ServerAuth. Please get in touch if you are unsure, or if you use another operating system that you would like us to support.

Our basic integration, which provides SSH access management and server monitoring uses a server-site agent, meaning we do not need to know any details about your server, or have any access.

To make use of our Advanced Integration, which gives you access to our server management suite, our ServerAuth backend will have access to perform selected actions. This will be done from a secure enclave system, which is not accessible outside of a private network.

Check our our security page for details on the steps we take to ensure we can provide a secure and risk free service.

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